Fiberglass Pools

Vardhman brings the world best prefabricated pools. These Pools are durable and variety of them are made of steel walls which provide them resistance to withstand extreme situations.

Product Details:
Water volume 6.2 tons
Gross weight 1,200 kgs
Total power 10.875 KW
Key Specifications/Special Features:
  • Model: M-3370
  • Product size: 4,800 x 2,200 x 1,200mm
  • Acrylic material: American lucite and Aristech acrylic
  • Constructure: freestanding or in ground
  • System: USA balboa system
  • Certificates: CE/ETL/RoHS/UL/SAA
  • Volume: 14.28CBM
  • Water volume: 6.2 tons
  • Gross weight: 1,200kgs
  • Total pumps: 6pcs
  • Total power: 10.875KW
  • Total jets: 54pcs
  • Loading quantity: 8-10 person
  • Optional components: TV/DVD/cover/step/fountain/waterfall
  • H.S. code: 9019101000
  • Selling points:
    • 20 different colors spa hot tub for choice
    • The most luxury relaxation spa in Monalisa
    • A famous brand in China: we do the best outdoor spa
    • Good designs and quality acrylic (import from the USA), stainless steel and plastic apron
    • The best water pump from a Chinese supplier
    • Well-tested computer panel
    • All we do is for a best outdoor spa
    Specifications Model: M-3370 Monalisa fiberglass pools for sale
    Water pump (3HP): 2pcs Total jets:50pcs
    water pump (2HP): 2pcs 5-inch jets:4pcs 3-inch jets:14pcs
    WFilter pump (1HP): 1pc (Water pump (0.5HP)1PC 2.5-inch jets: 14pcs
    Paper element filter: 2pcs 4 inch jets:2pcs 2-inch jets :20pcs
    Ozone-sterilization: 1pc
    USA Balboa heater (3KW): 2pcs Bottom light (3W):2pcs
    Pillow: 7pcs Water pipe & valve: 1batch
    Plastic hem: 1 set
    Kickstand of cover: 1pc DVD (including DVD box): 1 set
    Heat insulation on tub body: 1set Cover: 1 set
    Handle: 1pc Small LED light: 20pcs
    Pop-up speaker: 2pcs Heat insulation on Hem: 1 set
    Tempered glass bottom: 1p Fountain with light: 1 set
    Two-step classic PS ladder: 1pc One more 3KW heater: 1pc
    I phone box and amplifier: 1set PS stool: 1pc
    1. Heating system 5. Circulating filtration system
    2. Illumination system 6. Air froth system
    3. Massage jet system 7. Computer control panel
    4. Ozone disinfection system