Swimming Pool Cartridge Filters

We are engaged in supplying swimming pool filters to various hotels, clubs, resorts & farm houses. These Swimming Pool Filters are made of non-corrosive materials which suit all weather conditions. These filters are easy to use and have UV stabilizing capability.

Compact and light weight
UV-resistant tank
Screw type air bleeder for easy removal of trapped air inside the filter tank
High quality oil filled pressure gauge for easy inspection of the operation pressure
Application to domestic swimming pool, spa & water body
Code Model no Filtration area(m2) Value Connections Max.flow rate Amm Bmm
88060101 pz25 2.25 1.5inch 50mm 92lpm 5.5m3/h 445 387
88060102 pz26 4.63 1.5inch 50mm 190lpm 11.4m3/h 625 567
88060103 pz27 7.00 1.5inch 50mm 283lpm 17.0m3/h 805 747
88060104 pz28 9.40 2.0inch 63mm 382lpm 22.9m3/h 985 927
88060105 pz29 13.72 2.0inch 63mm 555lpm 33.4m3/h 1165 1107
88060106 pz30 16.82 2.0inch 63mm 680lpm 40.9m3/h 1345 1287