SSC Salt Cell

In order to purify the water of swimming pools by removing various chemical components, harsh objects and impurities we offer this range of disinfection systems. These equipment undertake various sanitation processes which make the water safe, healthy, hygienic and comfortable for the people using it.

Product Details:
Type Salt Cell
Display Digital

The ssc's salt cell consists of a series of titanium electrodes with opposite charges. Ssc"s transparent salt cell housing allows visual inspection of the salt cell plates and enables monitoring of chlorine production.

Power supply:
  • Power supply enclosed in an uv & weatherproof enclosure
  • Unit runs cool through design & innovation
  • Displays are clear & easy to operate
  • Time clocks complete with battery backup irritate eyes
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Simple to switch on or switch to automatic operation
  • Clear led operation
  • Complete output control
  • Full diagnostic display
SSC-TLT chlorinator display shown Options

Selecting a suitable unit A number of factors will affect the selection of a salt water chlorinator.

  • Size of pool
  • Bather load
  • Size & turnover rate of filtration system
  • Climate conditions
  • See table below for general guide to choosing correct model