NL Commercial Swimming Pool Filter With Laterals

We are engaged in supplying swimming pool filters to various hotels, clubs, resorts & farm houses. These Swimming Pool Filters are made of non-corrosive materials which suit all weather conditions. These filters are easy to use and have UV stabilizing capability.

We are successfully ranked amongst the topnotch manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of a wide range Commercial Swimming Pool Filter . This filter is made available in various versions. The versions suit according to the areas of the swimming pool. Clients can opt for different version of the filters as per the business requirements. The maximum flow rate is 3650lpm at 219.0-meter cube per hour.

Code (2.5Bar) Code (4.0Bar) Model no Filtration area(m2) Value Connections Max.flow rate Sand 0.4-0.8mm(kg) Gravel1-2mm(kg)
88012813 88012813 pz31 1.11 3.0inch 90mm 920lpm 55.20m3/h 900 300
88012814 88012814 pz32 1.54 4.0inch 110mm 1280lpm 76.80m3/h 1350 450
88012815 88012815 pz33 2.06 4.0inch 110mm 1700lpm 102.0m3/h 2300 700
88012816 88012816 pz34 2.52 6.0inch 150mm 2080lpm 125.0m3/h 2900 900
88012817 88012817 pz35 2.97 6.0inch 150mm 2450lpm 147.0m3/h 4000 1100
88012818 88012818 pz36 4.43 8.0inch 200mm 3650lpm 219.0m3/h 6000 1600