Pipeless Filter with 1.5Hp Pump

We are engaged in importing world class pipe-less filters. Their high quality and design ensures no requirement of pipes and fittings in your pool and easy filtration of pool water.

1.5Hp pump (220V/50Hz): 1pcs Flow Rate:25m3/h, Energy saving filtration system.
Automatic chlorine feeder:1pcs High efficiency disinfection system
Filter Media filter bag with basket:1set Precision ≤5 μ (High)
Shell for Acrylic(outside finish)+ fiberglass(inside part) It's Durable and resistive to corrosion. Rust,UV
time control box: 1pcs full-automatic electronic control system
1pcs ABS big jet and 1pcs ABS Air jet: 2pcs Cross current swimming
Φ22cm underwater S.S LED light/ 100w light, transformer: 1pcs illumination system(LED)
Pipe and valve accessories inside Easy installation and simple maintenance
304 stainlness steel rail:2pcs for ladder using
No piping and no plant room.